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My journey with photography began in my early teens when a 35mm Lordomat C35 (circa 1956) rangefinder camera was passed on to me from my grandfather. Without a single automatic feature on this camera, I learned the fundamental principles of photography and learned quickly. Image processing was very expensive for a young man who relied on grass cutting and snow shovelling for income.

That wondrous journey has evolved with patience, persistence, some hard work, a lot of fun and amazing technology in ways that I could never have imagined so many years ago. That evolution has brought me here today, some 45 years later.

Although I enjoy all aspects and types of photography, my passion lies in wildlife and landscape as they marry the best of what I truly enjoy about nature with travel and outdoor life. As you browse, please keep in mind that my wildlife galleries are true to the term “wildlife” as all images of life have been captured in their wild and natural habitat.

I developed this website to have a place to hang my photos. If you haven't already, please browse around and have a look at my work. The images are a part of my life and I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I did creating them.        <email>

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Awards and Recognition

Summer Polar Bear, Svalbard

First place and grand prize winner, Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017 

- The Royal Ontario Museum

Spring Cub Antics, Alaska

Expert’s Choice Honourable Mention for Overall Impression 2017

- Natural Habitat Adventures

Coastal Brown Bear and her Spring Cubs, Alaska

First runner-up, Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2016

- The Royal Ontario Museum

Published in Best Wildlife Photography 2021

- Canadian Geographic Special Collector's Edition

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